Logitech rolls out two speaker systems for iPod and iPhone

Logitech has announced its new Pure-Fi Express Plus omnidirectional speaker and Pure-Fi Anytime alarm clock for iPod and iPhone. The Pure-Fi Express Plus is a new portable speaker system featuring omnidirectional acoustics to transmit sound evenly in all directions. Other features include the ability to operate off of AC or battery power, a built-in Universal Dock, and an included remote control. The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus is expected to be available in October and will sell for $100.

Logitech’s Pure-Fi Anytime is a new alarm clock radio for iPod and iPhone offering a built-in Universal Dock which is recessed to help prevent the user from accidentally knocking over or damaging the docked device, a digital AM/FM radio, a high-contrast display, dual alarms than can be set to music, radio, or buzzer, a motion-sensing snooze feature, and motion-activated backlit controls. Like the Pure-Fi Express Plus, the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime is expected to be available in October and will sell for $100.

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