LogMeIn adds Bluetooth keyboard support

Popular remote desktop service LogMeIn has released an update to its iOS applications adding support for using a Bluetooth keyboard in remote desktop sessions. The new feature allows users with external keyboards to maintain full screen visibility of their remote Mac or PC while typing, rather than having to contend with the on-screen keyboard. The update also expands the My Cloud Bank feature with support for Skydrive and Box.net, joining other popular online file services such as Dropbox, and Google Docs. In addition, Windows users can now have their host screen resolution automatically set to mirror the iPad screen resolution when connecting to their PC. LogMeIn is available from the App Store in two versions: LogMeIn (free) provides standard remote access capabilities at no additional cost with the option to purchase a LogMeIn Pro subscription for $40/year per computer to add HD video and sound streaming, remote printing and file management with cloud services integration; LogMeIn Ignition ($130) provides the full set of “Pro” features for multiple computers as a one-time purchase and continues to be a free upgrade for previous Ignition users.

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