Popular remote desktop service LogMeIn has released a new free version of its remote control app for iOS devices. LogMeIn is a free service that allows users to easily access their PC or Mac remotely from another computer via a web browser without requiring advanced configuration of proxies and firewalls. Although the basic computer-to-computer service has always been free, the company’s original iOS application, LogMeIn Ignition provided more advanced features from the iOS platform and sold on the App Store for $30

LogMeIn has now released a new, free version of the iOS app providing basic remote desktop access for any computer configured in the user’s LogMeIn account; a $40/year subscription to LogMeIn Pro can be purchased directly within the app which basically unlocks the features of the paid LogMeIn Ignition app. Pro features include the ability to transfer files between the remote computer and the iOS device and online storage services such as Dropbox as well as printing from the remote computer to any AirPrint compatible printer and streaming HD video and sound from the remote computer. These features are also available at no additional charge from the free app when connecting to a remote computer for which the user has already purchased a LogMeIn Pro subscription. LogMeIn is available from the App Store as a free download.

The original LogMeIn Ignition app has now been renamed to “Ignition” and has been updated with HD video and sound streaming and My Cloud Bank. The App Store price of Ignition has also been increased to $100, however Ignition provides access to Pro features from the iOS device for remote computers on LogMeIn Free plans and does not require an annual subscription fee.


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