Luxpro wins legal battle with Apple, plans to countersue for $100m

LC Angell
By LC Angell  - Senior Editor

Luxpro, the Taiwan-based company known for its iPod shuffle knock-off, says it has won a lawsuit filed against it by Apple, and now plans to countersue the iPod maker for $100 million in damages. “We plan to sue Apple in a Taiwanese court before the end of the month and demand $100 million in compensation for the revenues we have lost due to their abuse of their global power,” Wu Fu-chin, Luxpro chairman, told the Financial Times.

In early 2005, Luxpro introduced a digital audio player that was nearly indistinguishable from Apple’s first-generation iPod shuffle. The Super Shuffle, later renamed the Super Tangent, had the same measurements, weight and overall design—including the control pad, backside slider switches and USB port cover—of the iPod shuffle.

It also came in 512MB and 1GB sizes like the Apple player.

In August 2005, Apple sought and received an injunction to stop sales of the Luxpro player from the Shihlin District Court in Taipei.

LC Angell
By LC Angell Senior Editor
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