Mac: AppleScripts for New iPod 2.0 Released

Make your life a bit easier with new AppleScripts for iPod. The new note reader on new iPods with iPod Software 2.0 can read and store notes on iPod. These new AppleScripts help automate the process.
Clear All Notes – This script will delete all the notes in the entire contents of the Notes folder on your iPod. There is an option to remove any sub-folders in the Notes folder as well.

Clipboard to Note – To create and install a note on your iPod, simply select text in any document, copy it to the clipboard, and run this script! A new note containing the copied text will be added to the Notes folder on the iPod. Because of the 4K limit on the size of notes,                            long documents will be automatically divided into multiple linked files.

Eject iPod – This script can be used to eject the currently mounted iPod.

List Notes – This script will display a list of the installed notes. Selected entries may be opened for editing.

Note From Webpages – These scripts are designed to work exclusively with Apple’s                             Safari web browser. The MacCentral script will extract a MacCentral article from the front browser window. The Printer Friendly script will extract the contents of the front browser window and works best when the front window is set to be ready to print without ads and other HTML items.

To install the script collection, simply place the downloaded iPod scripts folder in: Home > Library > Scripts.

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