Mac: iCommune 2.01a Released

iCommune is an application that extends Apple’s iTunes to share music over the network.  You can share the music in your iTunes library and access other iCommune music collections.  iCommune music collections appear as playlists in your iTunes window.  You can browse through them, and choose to stream or download the music they contain. 

The new version of iCommune is finally available for download.  It’s definitely an alpha version, but it seems to work pretty well for me.  Enjoy!
Version 1.0b2 of iCommune is no longer available.  As you may have heard, it used a proprietary interface to communicate with iTunes, and Apple has terminated my license to use that interface.  Please don’t ask me for copies of it. 

Version 2.0a1 is a complete re-write of the code.  iCommune is now a standalone application that communicates with iTunes via open interfaces, and is free of any Apple licensing restrictions.

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