Mac: iPod Launcher 1.4 Released

You have plenty to do when you connect your iPod. Wouldn’t it be great if it all happened automatically? Well now it can.

With iPod Launcher you specify items via System Preferences and, whenever you connect your iPod, they launch.
What’s new in v1.3:

  • The user interface has been enhanced to allow for the re-ordering of application launching through dragging and dropping the items in the preferences pane. Also, each item now includes a tooltip that indicates the location used by iPod Launcher when trying to launch the item.
  • A sync script has been added (iPodsync) that will keep the contents of folders on 2 (or more) Macs in sync.

    Now you can make sure your home and work Macs have the same up-to-date files simply by plugging in your iPod! See the scripts readme file for more details.

  • The sample scripts now automatically locate your iPod so you don