Mac: iTunes 4.2 Released

iTunes 4, the stunning new rendition of one of Apples greatest hits, comes with an appealing new feature: the fabulous iTunes Music Store stocked with hundreds of thousands of songs you can preview and own with just one click. The worlds best digital music player now supports the new AAC audio format (think high-quality sound with even smaller file sizes), and lets you share your music with other Mac computers on your local Ethernet or AirPort wireless network. And if you have a Mac with a SuperDrive, you can archive your entire music library to DVDs for safekeeping.
What’s new in this version:
iTunes 4.2 allows you to sign in and buy music from the iTunes Music Store using either your AOL or Apple Account, view the iTunes Music Store in a separate window, and includes a number of performance improvements.

Make sure you have the latest update of Mac OS X. Get the latest update by choosing Apple menu > System Preferences, then clicking Software Update, and then Update Now or Check Now. After you install an update, it’s a good idea to click Update Now or Check Now again to make sure you’ve gotten all the latest versions.

To get the latest upgrade to Mac OS X, visit

To create audio or MP3 CDs with iTunes, you need an internal Apple CD-RW drive. To back up your music to a DVD, you need an internal Apple SuperDrive. Some third-party CD-RW and DVD drives may also work.