Mac: iTunes Catalog 1.2 Released

iTunes Catalog creates web catalogs of your iTunes music library, displays the cover artwork for each album, and copies album artwork into iTunes.
iTunes Catalog can create HTML catalogs of your music with the same brushed-metal look as iTunes, complete with the cover artwork. It can also create catalogs in text, PDF, or XML format.

iTunes Catalog can add album artwork to all the music in your iTunes library in one click, automating a process that otherwise takes hours to complete manually.

It can also create custom icons for your music in the Finder.

Besides displaying your music collection, HTML catalogs let you play music, find song lyrics, search Google for artist info, and buy music from the iTunes Music Store or

What’s new in this version:

Creating catalogs
You can now create catalogs from playlists.
You can now create catalogs directly from an iPod.

Publishing catalogs
You can now publish catalogs directly to .Mac.
You can now publish catalogs using Web Sharing.

The preferences window now uses a toolbar.
Added a preference to change the default library name.

Added French language support (thanks to Fr