Mac/Linux: PlayFair 0.2 released – removes DRM from protected AAC files

Decode Apple iTunes Music Store protected AAC files into unprotected AAC files so that they can be played outside of iTunes.

Note: Several users of this software are reporting crashes when using the converted AAC files in iTunes on Mac or PC.

One user notes: “It appears that before running the playfair you need to make sure to play an encrypted song in iTunes and possibly even need to copy an encrypted song to the iPod to make sure the correct key is on the iPod. I tried it again after doing those two things and it worked.

So the code appears to still be fairly buggy so I wouldn’t go around decrypting all your files without backing them up, but it does work, you just need to be carefull to test your resulting files.”

Playfair requires a Unix command line interface to be installed.
What’s new in this version:

2004-04-02 playfair Release version 0.2.  Ensure DRMS code will work.  * keyutils.c: Implement function to try to ensure that the DRMS code will be able to get a key. This means that either (a) the DRMS key storage directory exists, (b) the program is running on Windows or (c) an iPod is connected and detected.  * playfair.c: Invoke new function.  2004-03-30 playfair Release version 0.1.