Mac: LyriPod 1.0 Public Beta 2 Released

Today LyriPod has been updated to Public Beta 2.  This new Beta release has fix some problems that the first Beta version came with.  This new Beta fixes the fs routines (no more nilobjex when clicking ‘find songs’) and more. LyriPod is a program developed in REALbasic which allows you to download lyrics to the songs you have on your iPod.
What’s new in this version:

  • improved fs routines (no more nilobjex when clicking ‘find songs’)
  • added column headers in listbox (better sorting)
  • split lyrics >4k into appropriately sized and linked chunks
  • added icon and about window
  • slated as last public beta before 1.0 final

    Zach Segal’s future plans for LyriPod are to add pluggable support for multiple online lyrics databases, to add search bar feature akin to itunes, and to more gracefully manage lyrics >4k in size.

    This new Beta version doesn’t offer any Mac OS 9 support or does it any fix for the investigate reports of duplicate files(one empty, one normal) on windows formatted ipods.

    This new Beta version has added a proper icon.  This icon donated by Daniel Hachbold is a lot better looking then the one on the Original Beta version of LyriPod; also in this new Beta version is the about window, and LyriPod is now using the GNU General Public License.

    License: Freeware
    System Requirements: Mac OS X

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