Mac: VoodooPad 1.1 alpha 7 Released

VoodooPad is a new kind of notepad.  It’s like having your own personal hypertext library, where you can jot down notes, web addresses, to-do lists… Anything on your mind. VoodooPad automatically links each page together, to form a miniature world wide web, on your desktop!  Anybody familiar with the WikiWikiWeb will feel right at home with VoodooPad.
What’s new in v1.1a7:

  • Fixed (again) a problem where file drops and pages with the same name would cause unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed a problem where links with the german sharp s in them would corrupt the .vdoc
  • Fixed a problem (and changing the file format in the process) where certain characters would cause pages to be unarchivable- this problem became apparent when using the Zaphino font and using certain glyphs.
  • Added the ability to create aliases for url’s, so you don’t have to type out the whole http:/// to link to a website. This functionality has been added to the “Page Info” window.
  • Fixed a problem where the document’s dirty bit wasn’t updating properly
  • Brought the font panel back in the prefs so you can change the default font.
  • Fixed some problems where lists were not updated when deletes occured.
  • New link,back,forward, and delete contextual menu items.
  • Started German/Dutch some localization
  • Added an Import menu item that will assist in importing text, rtf, and rtfd documents.
  • Create a new document when trying to create a new page and no documents are open.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a page would sometimes crash VoodooPad

    License: Shareware $10
    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

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