Mac/Windows: PodUtil 2.5 released

PodUtil is an easy-to-use utility for viewing the songs on your iPod and copying them in a customisable organised manner to your computer, and will automatically add them to iTunes and rebuild your playlists if you wish.
What’s new in this version:

New Interface
PodUtil’s interface has been completely reworked in 2.5, allowing all your music and copy settings to be displayed on one window, removing the need to have the counter-intuitive tabs. Along with this change, PodUtil now gives much better feedback on how it’s doing when copying your songs. Small icons appear by the songs to let you know their status at-a-glance. Plus, if you run PodUtil on Mac OS X, it places a progress bar in it’s dock icon, allowing you to see how the copy is going without having to switch away from what you’re doing.

Playlist and iTunes Support
PodUtil now reads the playlists from your iPod and presents them to you in a friendly, graceful manner. If you wish, PodUtil can now rebuild the playlists from your iPod into iTunes, saving hours of time reconstructing your precious playlists after moving to a new computer or recovering from lost music.

Robust Copying
PodUtil copying engine has been rebuilt, meaning that copy errors happen far less often and PodUtil can recover from them gracefully should they ever occur.

You can now customise PodUtil to suit your iPod and needs. Tell PodUtil what kind of iPod you have and it’s appearence changes to suit.

And more…
This is just an overview of the major new features and changes. PodUtil 2.5 has been improved in every single area, and underwent a month-long private test to make sure it is as polished as can be. For more complete release notes, see here.

License: Shareware $5.00
System Requirements: 2000 or XP

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