Macally debuts Icesuit for iPod shuffle

Macally debuts Icesuit for iPod shuffle 1

Macally has announced the availability its Icesuit for the iPod shuffle. The $19.99 silicone sleeve “protects your iPod shuffle against everyday hazards and scratches” and is available in three different colors—green, pink and clear. The Icesuit provides access to all controls and comes with an elastic adjustable armband.

  1. Come on, these sell for about $2.50 from I got mine for free! I meet the owner in Starbucks in Shekou, China.

    If you want to really see something interesting, look at their suffle art cases. I bought a stars and stripes case, cost me $4.00 because I did not have to pay for shipping. It has a backpack clip and the softest silicone, so nice to the touch.

    If you are on holidays in China, give them a call. Their phone number is on their site.

    I don’t understand why this site does not have any info on them.

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