Macally has introduced three new charging accessories for the iPod and iPhone. The PowerLink is a three-in-one battery pack, sync cable, and flash drive in a small USB dongle-like enclosure. It features 2GB of internal storage, a 270mAh Li-ion battery built-in offering up to 25 minutes of extra talk time on an iPhone, LED indicator lights, and 30-pin and USB connectors built-in on opposite ends of the stick. It is both Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified, and is available now for $50. The PowerPal is a combination USB, AC charger and universal power adapter that can charge a number of USB devices, and uses included interchangeable plugs to offer charging in North and South America, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, China, Middle East, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Works with iPhone and Made for iPod certified, it also offers a fuse compartment, a Universal pass through outlet, and an included iPod and iPhone 30-pin to USB charging cable and carrying pouch. It is available now and sells for $30. Finally, the JBoxMini is a portable high-capacity Li-ion battery for USB devices, including the iPod and iPhone. It can increase the usage time of an iPhone or iPod by up to four hours, charges via a built-in mini-USB port, and features a built-in battery tester button, LED battery level indicator, and a full-size USB port for connecting devices. It too is available now, and sells for $30.

Charles Starrett

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