Altec Lansing has hot new items on the high and low ends: its new iM202 inMotion over-the-ear earphones are white, highly unique in aesthetic design, and intended to further proliferate the brand name made famous by its portable speaker systems. Simultaneously, it’s releasing a gorgeous brushed 12-driver (plus subwoofer) aluminum FX6021 speaker system under the InConcert name with “virtually no drop off” and 75 watts of power.

Battery Technology Inc. is one of two companies on our “hot watch” list. In addition to its first-of-class FM radio receiver for the iPod, which we exclusively reported upon yesterday, the company’s working on an under-$100 wireless iPod broadcasting system based on 900 MHz technology. More importantly, it’s mulling a name or brand change to reflect the fact that its products now span numerous important categories outside of batteries – a very good idea.

Belkin’s Bluetooth-based TuneStage iPod broadcasting system includes all of the features we’ve discussed in our previous reports, but now we’ve seen the physical design. It’s a white and silver mini-router with a white antenna, blue lights on its receiver and silver iPod transmitter, and no audio distortion that we could hear on the show floor. It’s planned for a March release at $169.99, and lets you listen to your iPod in your home with your iPod in your pocket.

Dension’s MOST>Link and Screen>Link add in-car iPod playback to industry standard audio systems and vehicles equipped with visual navigation systems, respectively.

Despite recent challenges, Eroch Studios’ new LiliPod mini emerged as the only true waterproof case on the market for the iPod mini, and the original LiliPod remains the only true waterproof case for the full-sized iPod.

Etymotic is developing wireless headphones, refreshes of its existing headphones, and a brand new lower-end headphone to match the iPod, none of which were on the show floor. The company is drawing the line on audio quality at the $100 minimum price point, and won’t sell its newest product unless it produces sufficiently clean sound with a great dynamic range. Look for big things from Ety in the year to come.

Jeremy Horwitz

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