Major league baseball players discuss iPod use

The Colorado Rockies this year began extensively using video iPods for everything from helping hitters find their groove to tracking upcoming draft picks and future free agents. “It has everything right there for you. It’s great, especially on the road,” says Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday. “You can look at your swings when you were going good. And it only takes a couple of minutes.” The Rockies’ video team loads a player’s iPod with their hits from the previous week, all of their past at-bats against the starting pitchers in the upcoming series, as well as a 2005 highlight reel. Meanwhile, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox says he would rather watch 50 Cent videos than at-bats. “You don’t want to put video of baseball on here,” Ortiz said. “You need more room, bigger vision to see what you’re doing than this. Like you can sit down and watch a video right here, but your at-bat? Watch the pitcher and you, that’s kind of a small screen.”

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