Marantz intros IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod

Marantz has announced its new Bluetooth-capable IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod. The multi-piece system includes a slim handset that attaches to the user’s iPod, a compact base unit for the handset and attached iPod designed for tabletop or on-wall placement, a remote control, and a main connection unit that provides a variety of connections to the user’s home entertainment system, including CAT5 audio and video ports, analog audio output, composite, S-Video, and Component video outputs, an IR flasher input, and a RS232C control input. In addition, because it offers both wireless and extended wired solutions, the system can be used to transmit both audio and video to an entertainment system; the main base unit may also be connected to any device that supports A2DP Bluetooth audio. The Marantz IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod is expected to be available in January, and will sell for $250.

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