Marware rolls out 5G iPod case lineup

Marware today introduced its new line of cases for Apple’s fifth-generation iPod. The lineup features “innovative materials chosen specifically to maintain the impressively slim profile of the iPod while providing maximum protection,” according to the company. A summary of the seven new cases, which will ship in December, is below.


Sportsuit Convertible (1)
Made of orca-skin neoprene, the case offers “rugged protection and a multitude of wearing and use options.” It features an armband, hand strap, belt clip, and removable lid with front storage pocket. The Sportsuit Convertible is available in black, blue or silver for $35.

Sportsuit Sleeve (2)
The Sportsuit Sleeve is a neoprene case that offers a velcro top closure, an earphone pocket, and a removable belt clip. The case sells for $20 and comes in either black or blue.

Sportsuit Basic (3)
The form-fitting neoprene case offers all-around coverage, a clear screen and click wheel protector, and a removable belt clip. The Sportsuit Basic is available in black for $20.

Sport Grip Backwinder (4)
Available in several colors, the silicone case sports a built-in cord winder to adjust the length of your earphones. The case comes with a static film to protect the screen, and sells for $20. Black, blue, white, pink and green colors are available.

Sidewinder (5)
The hard case features a “slide-and-hide arm” that stows away while cords are in use and slides out for cord storage. The Sidewinder also has a retractable kickstand that supports the case on a desktop for watching videos. It comes in black or white for $30.

CEO Classic (6)
The leather case has two removable lids—one with a storage pocket for earphones and one with a play–through click wheel protector. Available in black, it comes with a removable belt clip and sells for $35.

Sportsuit Santa (7)
The Santa Claus-inspired case is perfect for the holiday season and “makes an excellent stocking over the fireplace or as an ornament on the tree.” It comes with a lanyard, carabiner and belt loop, and sells for $20.

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