Mobile development startup Massive Damage has released a new location-based MMORPG for the iPhone and iPod touch. Please Stay Calm puts the player in the role of a survivor of a futuristic zombie apocalypse where they must travel with their iPhone to explore real-world locations to scavenge for essential supplies, hunt zombies and build outposts and safehouses. As players progress and level up in the game they can choose from an expanding arsenal of weapons and equipment with which to fight zombies and duel other players as well as upgrading their fighting, exploring and scavenging skills. Players can establish cooperative teams by building or joining safehouses and spending resources to upgrade their safehouse for team bonuses. A global chat allows users to communicate with their fellow survivors along with Foursquare integration to check-in to specific locations online. The game also provides context through an episodic storyline with cinematic cut-scenes. The developer indicates that it plans to release additional chapters “with extreme frequency” that will expand the storyline and include new features, mini-games, weapons and upgrades. Please Stay Calm requires iOS 4.1 and an online connection to play and is currently available from the Canadian App Store as a free download; a U.S. launch in expected for Oct 13th, with a global launch to follow.


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