Matias unveils three new keyboards for PC/Mac/iOS

Matias has unveiled three new keyboards for the PC, Mac, and iOS devices. The One Keyboard, Slim One Keyboard, and Tactile One Keyboard all offer a Bluetooth connection to allow for use with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with a single dedicated button to switch between the PC/Mac and iOS device, black keys set against a silver background, and an integrated USB cable. The Slim One Keyboard features a slim, Apple-like body and includes a MiniRizer iPhone stand for $80, while the One Keyboard features a more traditional body, with arrow keys, a number pad, and a space for the iPhone to sit between the keys. It sells for $100 and will begin shipping soon.

Finally, the Tactile One Keyboard also offers a full layout—with space for the iPhone, arrow keys, and a number pad—but uses an Alps Mechanical Switch for each individual key, offering an experience similar to Apple’s Extended and Extended II keyboards for $200; it is expected to ship in May. Each keyboard is available for order now in separate Mac- or PC-specific versions for shipment no later than May.

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