Maxell touts hybrid iPod clocks with flash readers

Maxell touts hybrid iPod clocks with flash readers 1

Previously responsible for low-end iPod accessories, Maxell has announced three new hybrid clock radios, each with unique features: Desktop/One Dock, Bedside Alarm Clock Radio, and Desktop/Wall Mount Alarm Clock. All three systems include flash media readers, USB and auxiliary audio inputs, remote controls, dual alarms, sleep and snooze modes.

• Desktop/One Dock ($100) combines picture frame functionality with a speaker system and clock radio, enabling users to replace the iPod’s standard screen with a personal photograph. The unit charges and performs audio from an iPod, or provides access to AM and FM stations.

image• Bedside Alarm Clock Radio ($150) boasts an “extra large, backlit LCD screen,” four speakers, and a bass chamber for added resonance. Unlike Desktop, it emphasizes sound quality and clock functionality.

image• Desktop/Wall Mount Alarm Clock ($200) boasts a temperature weather display and AM/FM radio tuning. It’s designed to be mounted on a wall, or set on a tabletop.

Release dates were not available at press time.

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