“Me and my iPod” contest winners announced


“Me and my iPod” contest winners announced

The Winners…

The last two iLounge contests were exciting for readers because of the prizes, but they’ve been even more exciting for iLounge editors because we’ve had a chance to see the tremendous creativity our users possess.

It was easier to pick winners for last month’s iPod Concepts contest – this month’s 200+ entries included a tremendous number of striking, funny, and creative concepts. (You can review the entries, including a few that couldn’t be considered because of slight Photoshopping, in our Me and My iPod Photo Gallery.)

We considered each entry carefully and chose six possible winners from a pool of around twenty strong contenders, then picked the final three and ranked them as follows.

Judging Criteria: iLounge’s editors picked three “best” photos from all the entries, based on our evaluations of the overall composition, creativeness, and appeal of the pictures. We did not expect that the winning shots would be perfect in each of these categories, but hoped that they would each make a strong visual statement.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner!

Grand Prize: Custom Fit Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro Earphones (Valued at $900.00)

Our reactions to this visually arresting photo were strong – we all were drawn to its creativity, composition, and smart use of theme. Repeated viewings only deepened our appreciation of the submission. Obsessed is the type of photo that hints at the fine line between genius and insanity, underscoring something we all know but can’t entirely explain: the fervor and passion for both functionality and aesthetic that differentiates iPod users from, say, Walkman owners.

The winner, Slavik Boyechko of New York reacts…

“Holy s***. I just checked the winners, I can’t believe I won! I just thought the ‘collecting names’ was for some listing of all contestants, but holy yokes! The idea came to me as I sat staring at my iPod for hours, while the rest of the time spent on iLounge, and I realized that since I bought this little gadget I have ceased to do everything else I love, including painting and drawing. My friends poke fun at my obsession, but it is something that I can’t help and I don’t think any other iPod owner can either. Maybe now I can finally diminish this obsession and focus on something entirely more productive… the Ultimate Ears. Thanks so much Dennis and the rest of the iLounge crew, I’ve already told you before that I love everything about the site, so much that i check It more than my email account, but now this is another reason to love it even more. Thanks again!”

Congratulations to our Second Prize winner!

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Second prize: Etymotic ER-4P Earphones (Valued at $330.00)

The iPod’s mirror-finished rear surface inspired a number of our entries, three of which showed the iPod as a reflection of a woman applying makeup. Though we really liked each of these three shots (and also one of two young men reflected in the water of a beach), we ultimately preferred this one because of its composition.

Congratulations to our Third Prize winner!

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Third prize: Etymotic ER-6 Isolator Earphones (Valued at $139.00)

Several of our favorite pictures emphasized the iPod’s primary purpose – storing and playing music – but this one did it best. Using a fisheye lens to capture a wide angle shot, the photographer created the impression of a spherical pile of diverse music and media compressed into the tiny shell of the iPod, then casually enjoyed.

Congratulations to all the other people that submitted fantastic entries, and a big thanks for participating!

When we assembled a list of our seventeen other favorite entries, we realized that there were far too many “Honorable Mentions” to post here, but we have selected a handful of others (in no order) to highlight, as well as three of the “Funny” entries we received.

Honorable Mentions

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Funny Entries

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Me and my iPod Photo Contest

Read our review of the UE-10 Pro Earphones.

View the Me and my iPod photo gallery for all entries.

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