Microsoft, SanDisk overstating accessory support

Following recent, separate announcements by SanDisk and Microsoft that certain prominent iPod accessory makers would be producing accessories for their iPod competitors Sansa and Zune, iLounge has confirmed that two of the iPod’s top supporters were listed as SanDisk or Microsoft development partners without having actually agreed to develop any accessories.

Belkin Corporation, developer of numerous well-known FM transmitters, audio recorders, cases, and car accessories for iPod models, was inaccurately announced by SanDisk as a member of its Made for Sansa accessory program. According to a Belkin spokesperson, “Belkin is not currently participating in the Made For Sansa licensing program. We continue to evaluate our strategy with regard to MP3 player accessories including the Sansa player.”

Griffin Technology, maker of popular iTrips, iTalks, power chargers and cases, similarly denied that it was part of Microsoft’s Zune accessory development program. “As the leading accessory maker for portable media players, Griffin is always interested in evaluating new opportunities,” a Griffin spokesperson told iLounge, “However we continue to focus our efforts on the market leading iPod due to our close relationship with Apple.”

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