Misfit launches Phase smartwatch

Misfit’s new Phase smartwatch combines the look of a traditional watch with the functionality found in other smartwatches. Once the Phase is synced with an iPhone using the watch’s mobile app, the device uses just the two watch hands, a colored light and vibrations to deliver alerts, and shows users their progress toward fitness goals. Toggling to Activity Mode allows users to tag specific activities (like running and yoga) and check in on their daily progress toward pre-assigned goals for step count, sleep duration, and calories burned. The light on the face marks which measurement is being reported and the hands move in unison to show how far the user is toward that particular goal, with the full watch face representing 100 percent.
The device also delivers alerts from the users smartphone for incoming calls, texts, emails and app notifications. Toggling to Smart-Button Mode allows for control over many phone functions from the watch’s buttons. The watch can command the phone to ring so it can be located, control music playback, take a photo, and even control smartlights and other connected devices. The watch is water resistant, is always on, and runs on replaceable batteries, so it never needs to be charged. The Misfit Phase will be available in a variety of color combinations starting November 7 and will cost $175.
Misfit launches Phase smartwatch

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