Mitte Kickstarter aims to create smart home mineral water system

The Mitte smart home water system — almost fully funded on Kickstarter in its first day — is aiming to allow users to create their own mineral water at home.  The system first purifies water with a “proprietary distillation-based method,” then adds back in minerals to increase the health benefits of drinking the water produced more in line with the natural water cycle. The replaceable mineral cartridges come in three varieties: Balance, Vitality and Alkaline, which mimic the minerals found in Evian, Vittel, and Essentia, respectively.
While there’s always a bit of uncertainty around Kickstarter projects, the fact that this one funded so quickly and is such a unique addition to the smart home ecosystem makes it more likely we’ll see a production unit materialize. For a €279 pledge, backers will receive one Mitte machine and a mineral cartridge of their choice, with an estimated delivery date of April 2018. A dedicated app will allow users to dispense water at a specific temperature, get real-time information on water quality and machine usage, and monitor mineral cartridge levels and manage cartridge ordering.

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