Mix: 20,000 Apps, Beatles, UK iTunes HD, Fastweet 2K

According to tracking site Apptism, the App Store has passed the 20,000 app mark. The current count on the site reads 20,410 apps, but as site tracks both released and upcoming apps, the number may be a bit smaller—although only 10 apps are currently listed in the Previews section. Apple has yet to make an official announcement marking the occasion.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney has indicated that talks to bring the band’s catalog to iTunes are still ongoing. When asked about the situation, McCartney said, “It’s a bit of a sticky issue. We want it to happen. The record company was taken over by new people quite recently, so there is a gridlock of sorts. I’d like to make it happen. Though I am not part of the negotiations, thank goodness.”

The U.K. iTunes Store has added a number of new HD-formatted TV shows to its offerings. The ABC series LOST has been joined by other US shows including House, The Office, 30 Rock, and Battlestar Galactica, as well as the second season of BBC program Gavin and Stacey and nature documentary Planet Earth. [via Macworld UK]

Glucose has released Fastweet 2K, a new Twitter client application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Fastweet features a bottom-tabbed interface with options for viewing your main timeline—up to 2,000 tweets—tweets addressed to you, and a dedicated tweet posting area. It also renders link via the Google Mobile Gateway for quick glances. Fastweet 2K is available now and sells for $2; a free version, which is limited to 200 tweets, is also available.

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