Mix: 20GB iPod, 800 lbs. gorilla, Podcasting, contests, Late Show

Noting that the iPod is proving to be as synonymous with music players as Band-Aid with bandages or Kleenex for tissues, Peter Howe reports that the 20GB iPod is by far the most popular model this holiday season.
Rio, Creative, Virgin, iRiver and Archos are among those pushing their design teams to challenge Apple’s “800-pound white gorilla” on both function and fashion.

BusinessWeek’s Thane Peterson says that Podcasting is one of 2004’s major cultural trends. He says it will “democratize radio by making it possible for just about anyone to broadcast audio content—much as blogging did for written commentary.”

iPodContests.com is a new Web site that tracks contests from companies that offer iPods as prizes. For a more comprehensive listing of iPod giveaways check out Les Posen’s iPod Giveaway Site.

Apple’s iPod, iPod mini and a “new iPod” that holds “a billion songs” appeared this week on the Late Show with David Letterman. (Click on the Big Show Highlight in the DaveTV box.)

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