Mix: 30GB iPod, Sony players, ROKR, Replacement cycle

Apple has mistakenly listed a 30GB iPod (instead of 20GB) alongside its 60GB model on its online store. When viewing full-sized iPods, a new graphic is displayed for the 30GB iPod with a $299 price.

In an attempt to steal a bit of Apple’s thunder this week, Sony has introduced sleek new Walkman music players. Sony announced 6GB and 20GB models that feature an organic EL display that blends seamlessly into the player.

David Pogue of the New York Times writes about the new Motorola iTunes Phone. “If you’re looking for an iPod phone, the Rokr isn’t it; it stands no chance of living up to the hyperventilating hype of the last few weeks. But as an iTunes phone—the only one on earth that lets you carry subsets of your Apple store-bought music on errands and other short missions—the Rokr is great-sounding, reasonably priced and a lot of fun.”

The new iPod nano “is a dramatically different iPod,” Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster said after yesterday’s special event. “It’s not only going to bring new people into the market, but it will start a replacement cycle among iPod owners. Everyone is going to want one.”

  1. iPod Nano Accessory Compatiblity

    I read that iPod Nano will be compatible with many iPod accessories already on the market. I’m most interested if it is compatible with the FlexDock, http://www.tentechnology.com/products/products_flexdock.php, car audio accessory. Has anyone tried this yet?
    has the 30 pin connection design like the Mini. It isn’t as wide so it looks as it would physically fit onto the FlexDock.

    Also is Nano compatible with the iPod Mini dock? I am assuming that it is because on the Apple tech specs page ,http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/specs.html,
    The link to the iPod nano Dock M9467G/A, http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore?productLearnMore=M9467G/A, leads to a Apple Store iPod Mini dock page.

  2. Seems like Sony finally managed to design a player that is a match for the iPod in the looks department, that thing is gorgeous! Shame that SonicStage will make it a complete and utter pain in the arse to use.

  3. Boy, can this place use bandwidth during times like these.

    The Sony looks interesting, and if it performs sonically like past Sony DAPs I’ve experienced it’ll be a step up–at least in that category–from the typical iPod (not including the nano and ROKR, since those haven’t been sampled yet). The screen’s form integration is REALLY seductive, but I’m not sure I’m sold on the soap bar shape, or the placement of the front controls; suppose I have to handle one to really decide for sure. Shame for Sony that my–and many other iPoders’–DA library is AAC-based.

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