Mix: 3GS on T-Mobile, iPod touch sales, Apple ads, FaceTime promo

Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson recently tweeted that a T-Mobile manager “casually mentioned to [him] that they’re going to get the iPhone 3GS (but not 4, oddly) later this year,” and asked if this was common knowledge. As Business Insider points out, it is odd that Anderson would broadcast this rumor over Twitter instead of giving it to one of Wired’s reporters to research and report.

Asymco has posted an analysis of Apple’s recent announcement that it has sold 120 million iOS devices, using it to estimate total iPod touch sales to date. Based on sales of 59.6 million iPhones sold through June, and 3.2 million iPads sold, along with estimates of 8 million iPhones and 4 million iPads sold during August and July, Apple has sold 45.2 million iPod touch units, or 37.7% of all iOS devices sold thus far.

According to an internal Google document obtained by Advertising Age, Apple spent just under $1 million on AdWords advertising during June. This compares to the Google’s top advertisers Expedia, which spent $5.9 million, Amazon, which spent $5.8 million, and eBay, which spent $4.2 million in June.

For the launch of the fourth-generation iPod touch with FaceTime, Apple has put up new window treatments (Pictured) at its retail stores, highlighting the ability to do FaceTime calls between the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch 4G. A larger version of the image appears below.

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