Mix: AAPL Q1, MusicDNA, Verizon tablet, Apple + publishers

Apple will announce its first quarter 2010 financial results later today. As it has done in the past, the company also plans to conduct a conference call to discuss its fourth quarter results; the call will begin at 2:00 p.m. PST and will be available as an audio webcast.

Bach Technology, a new company made up of some former MP3 developers, has unveiled MusicDNA, a new digital music file format. Similar to Apple’s recent iTunes LP offerings, MusicDNA files would contain both music and a range of other media, including video of recent performances, album artwork, song lyrics, and more. The format is expected to launch this spring.

Apple will announce Verizon Wireless as one of the available cellular data service providers for its upcoming tablet device, according to a new report. Citing unnamed sources, the New York Post reports that Verizon will be named as one of the tablet’s carriers, a move that would open the door for a Verizon-based iPhone, although AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple is not expected to end until June. Reports of Verizon’s potential involvement with Apple over the tablet date back to April 2009.

A team from the New York Times has been working with Apple at the company’s Cupertino, CA campus on a tablet-formatted version of the NYT iPhone application, a new report claims. Citing a person with knowledge of the matter, the LA Times reports that the team has been in California “in recent weeks,” working on a large-screen version of the company’s app that would incorporate video. The report also notes a recent Condé Nast press release that mentioned the company is working on content for “the anticipated tablet from Apple.”

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