Mix: Air Guitar, Infinite Loop, Tardis Case, Loop Nano

A pair of developers in San Francisco is seeking funding for the Air Guitar Move, a new accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. The accessory, available for a pledge of $39 or more, will connect via the 30-pin port and will use motion sensing technology to integrate with an app and enable the user to “play” guitar, with the device serving as the guitar neck. The Air Guitar Move’s Kickstarter project has surpassed its funding goal, but is still accepting pledges until July 10.

Designer and engineer Tim Gushue is seeking funding for the InfiniteLoop and miniLoop, new stands designed to work with the iPad/tablets and iPhone/smartphones, respectively.

Measuring four feet in length, the InfiniteLoop is able to coil into a small circle, and expands to form a curved stand, with a front “foot” providing support for the bottom of the iPad, while suction cups and or side clips help to hold the device in place. The miniLoop is a two-foot version of the same concept, with a single suction cup cap and clip. Pledges of $19 or more serve as a pre-order for the miniLoop, pledges of $35 or more do the same for the InfiniteLoop, and pledges of $75 or more are good for both. The project has met its funding goal, and production is expected to begin in August.

Who Phoned Home is now offering a TARDIS case for the iPhone 4. Inspired by the show Doctor Who, the case offers full access to all ports and controls, and is made on demand using rapid prototyping technology. It is available in blue, black, and gray, and sells for $40.

Loop Attachment has debuted its Loop Nano watchband for the sixth-generation iPod nano.