Mix: Air Guitar, Rick Rocketson, Candy Wars, Lil Jon

Inedible Software has released Air Guitar, a new motion-based music app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Started by two Stanford University students, Inedible’s Air Guitar began as a final project for the school’s iPhone Application Programming class. The app displays an onscreen fretboard, letting the user physically strum to create music, with the ability to tilt for whammy bar effects. Users can strum harder to play louder, pick from preset progressions or customize their own, and choose between guitar or bass. Air Guitar is available now and sells for $2.

Liquid Air Lab has released Rick Rocketson Pro, a run ‘n’ jump-style platformer for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game features graphics similar to those found on 16-bit consoles, and offers users 14 levels to explore. Players must use their lazerblasters, as well as grenades and health and ammunition packages to fight enemies such as space hedgehogs and evil space pirates. Rick Rocketson Pro sells for $2 on the App Store; a Free preview version is also available.

Catamount Software has released Prohibition 3: Candy Wars, a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Candy Wars is actually a re-skinned version of the company’s Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars, which was rejected by Apple and was itself a remake of the DOS game DrugWars. In Candy Wars, users play a candy dealer in the year 2040, selling and distributing treats such as sugar sticks, brownies, and rock candy during an age of candy prohibition. Prohibition 3: Candy Wars is available now for $1.

Gabe Jacobs Productions has released Lil Jon: The Soundboard for iPhone OS devices. The app offers buttons for playing a variety of the rapper’s catchphrases, including two of Dave Chappelle’s impressions—“What!?” and “Okay!” 16 different audio clips in all are included. Lil Jon: The Soundboard is available now and sells for $1.

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