Mix: AllOfMP3.com, Zune nano, Dutch levy, Shoewallet

Russia has agreed to demands from the U.S. government to shut down AllOfMP3.com, the Russian online music store known for selling tracks for pennies. Russia will close the site in an attempt at improving its chance of gaining membership to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Apple pundit John Gruber wonders if Microsoft chose the wrong iPod to copy. After analyzing Amazon.com sales data, Gruber concludes that Microsoft would have been better off using the iPod nano as inspiration for its first digital media player.

Reuters reports that a Dutch industry group “postponed levying a copyright tax on digital music players and hard-disk video recorders, saying on Wednesday it would wait for the European Commission to first make a recommendation.”

The makers of the Shoewallet have begun marketing the product to runners who want to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit with shoes besides the compatible Nike+ models. The $10 Shoewallet attaches to a shoe’s laces and holds an ID, cash and keys.

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