Mix: Amazon, BlackBerry, Multiply, GizMac

Amazon has launched its new beta iPhone portal. An option to use the new interface appears when navigating to amazon.com on the iPhone. [via TUAW]

A new rumor has surfaced on a BlackBerry enthusiast site claiming that AT&T is intentionally limiting GPS functionality in the upcoming BlackBerry 8820 to avoid the handset clashing with the iPhone.

Social networking site Multiply has also launched a new iPhone-optimized version of its site. The new iPhone-friendly version can be accessed by visiting multiply.com/m.

GizMac Accessories has announced its “Replace Your Case” promotion. “Customers will receive 50% off the retail price of the Titan Clear iPod Nano case when they send GizMac a competitor’s case for a trade-in,” explained Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories. “Simply input the code ‘Replace’ when placing an order and send your trade-in case to GizMac referencing your order number.” The promotion runs today through Aug. 31.

  1. AT&T has always intentionally limited the GPS functionality of their smart phones. If they didn’t lock down the GPS, then you wouldn’t have to pay them $10 a month for directions.

  2. What other smartphones has ATT crippled GPS on other than previous BlackBerrys? It’s a crock, regardless; I thought only Verizon was supposed to be the one who knee-capped and dumbed down their phones. If the phone can handle other GPS sources, then it should be allowed to. Just another reason to hate The Company of The Death Star.

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