Mix: Apple results, NAND flash, iPod thefts, iPod Bundle

As expected, Apple has told the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that its quarterly report will not be filed on time because of the reviewing of stock option grants. Apple said on Friday it expected “significant changes” to its results from operations for its fiscal third quarter.

According to Digitimes, Samsung is getting ready for a large NAND flash memory order from Apple. Samsung has reportedly started “converting about 4 percent of its current 12-inch wafer production capacity from DRAM to NAND flash to be ready for upcoming demand from Apple, according to sources at distributors.”
Thefts of iPods, MP3 players and other similar gadgets are up 34 percent from last year in Los Angeles, California. The thefts make up for around 1,700 of the city’s 8,000 total reported robberies, according to the Los Angeles Times.

ZappTek has announced its iPod Bundle, which includes iPDA, iPresent It and iSpeak It for $45—a $13 savings over purchasing them separately. “You get iPDA for managing your PIM information and putting documents and RSS feeds onto your iPod, iPresent It for giving presentations, and iSpeak It for listening to your documents and RSS feeds.”

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