Mix: Apple TV, Diabetes, The Beatles, Fujitsu Drives

The latest Apple TV hacks include a plug-in for RSS news feeds and a modification for video game emulation. Read iLounge’s Complete Guide to Apple TV Optimization for more hacks.

Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine has penned an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, asking him to use his company’s resources to help design medical devices.

“Medical device manufacturers are stuck in a bygone era; they continue to design these products in an engineering-driven, physician-centered bubble,” she writes. “They have not yet grasped the concept that medical devices are also life devices, and therefore need to feel good and look good for the patients using them 24/7, in addition to keeping us alive.”

Neil Aspinall, the head of the Beatles’ Apple Corps, is leaving the company after 40 years. Aspinall’s departure comes two months after Apple Corps settled a drawn out trademark dispute with Apple Inc.

Some are already speculating that Aspinall may have been the final roadblock keeping the Beatles’ catalog off of iTunes.

Reuters reports: “Fujitsu said on Monday it has halted plans to make 1.8-inch hard drives as handheld device makers are more interested in flash drives for storage. The Japanese chips-to-computers conglomerate had initially planned to begin production of 1.8-inch hard drives, used in ultra-portable notebooks and digital media players like Apple’s iPod, in the first half of the current business year that began April 1.”