Mix: Apple TV, Steve Jobs, Expodition, Video tools

Amateur hackers are making quick work of the Apple TV. The lasted modifications include getting the Apple TV software to run on a MacBook and booting the Apple TV from a USB drive.

According to the annual list of influential CEOs in Barron’s Magazine, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is worth more to his company than any other CEO in the world—as much as $20 billion in market capitalization.

Expodition has released a number of free iPod guides for the most popular theme and water parks in the US and UK, including Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood, Thorpe Park, and Warwick Castle.

Splasm Software has released ViddyUp! 1.8, a new version of its iPod video processing tool, adding support for the new Apple TV. Meanwhile, Vallery.net has posted a Mac OS X Automator action for converting Xvix/WMV/Divx files into Apple TV format.

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