An analyst says the Apple-AT&T alliance is all about content. “They are not going to pull users with speed,” says Michael Voellinger, VP of telecom consultancy Telwares. “They will do it with content and because of the content, it should be very successful.”

An Advertising Age glossary of 2007 media terminology says Microsoft’s Zune brand now means something besides a digital audio player. “ZUNE: Microsoft’s new music player. Also [slang]: a poseur; a wannabe. Usage: ‘Dude, you look like such a Zune in that shirt.’”

Apple and NBC have added the first two seasons of The West Wing to the iTunes Music Store. Episodes are $1.99 each and full seasons are $39.99.

The ringtone used during the iPhone’s introduction last week at Macworld Expo can be downloaded for your current cell phone, thanks to two anonymous Apple fans. Both MP3 and MIDI versions are available.

LC Angell

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