Mix: AT&T, iSuppli, MySpace Music, Beckham’s touch


U.S. iPhone carrier AT&T this week announced plans to change the way it handles early termination fees for users on one- or two-year contracts. Under the new plan, which takes effect May 25, the fee will be lowered by $5 for each month, every month, for the life of the contract.

The average iPhone users spends less than half their time using their device for actual phone calls, according to the latest survey from iSuppli. Owners of competing products, such as the Nokia N92 and the RIM BlackBerry use their phones for voice communications 71.7 percent of the time, the survey says, compared with just 46.5 percent of the time for iPhone owners. “This usage pattern shows Apple has succeeded in producing a true convergence product that consumers like to use for multiple purposes,” said Greg Sheppard, chief development officer for iSuppli. “Apple has come as close as anyone to achieving a balanced convergence in mobile-handset features and usage.”

MySpace has officially announced MySpace Music, a new online music venture formed with three of the four major recording companies. The service, in which Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, and Warner Music Group all have minority stakes, will offer free music and video streaming supported by advertising, paid-for MP3 downloads, ringtones for cell phones, concert ticket sales and merchandise.

To celebrate his 100th England Cap, well-known footballer David Beckham was given a custom-engraved, gold-backed 32GB iPod touch by his teammates. The £600 (around $1200) iPod is engraved with the team’s crest, along with his name, and a small message commemorating the achievement.

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