said nearly a quarter of its first-quarter revenues came from sales of content through the iTunes Music Store. Audbile CEO Don Katz said iTunes sales totaled $4.4 million, or 23% of revenues. Revenue from the Music Store “has been growing like crazy,” Katz said.

Apple will open its new flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City on Friday, May 19th. The new store features a unique glass cube-shaped entrance that leads down into the store.
Britney Spears says she is the only member of her family who doesn’t own an iPod. “My husband has an iPod and my sister has one in hot pink—we need to get me an iPod,” she said. “Everybody has one but me.” [via Macworld UK]

Reuters reports: “Warner Bros.‘s video unit on Tuesday unveiled plans to sell movies and television shows to BitTorrent Inc. for legal downloads from the Web site that was once blamed for aiding the swapping of illegally copied films and programs.”

Clickwheel distributes artists’ comics in an iPod-ready format. Clickwheel’s first features are the movie-themed gag strip “Joe Loves Crappy Movies” by Joseph Dunn; the punning gag strip “Silent Kimbly” by Ryan Sias; the fantasy sitcom “Sebo” by Jamie Robertson; Colin White’s autobiographical “Colin White Comix”; and Joe Alterio’s youth-and-quest story “Fading Fast.”

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