Although iPods account for the vast majority of MP3 players, many U.S. libraries are now lending audiobooks available only in Windows Media Audio format.

OmniNerd has posted an interesting article on the iTunes Party Shuffle feature. “iTunes’ available song ratings of 1 to 5 stars allow users to quickly find their favorites and help the Party Shuffle feature play more of what they like most. This article explores the algorithm iTunes uses to pick what comes next in the playlist.”

The New York Times looks at how religious groups are embracing podcasting. “The number of people or groups offering spiritual and religious podcasts listed on Podcast Alley has grown to 474 from 177.”

PBS’ Robert X. Cringely says Microsoft’s biggest threat comes from Apple, and speculates that the company could release Mac OS X v10.5 and load it onto iPods for free to enable users to boot the operating system on Intel-based PCs.

LC Angell

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