Mix: Austria, Burst, Lennon, touch Ad

T-Mobile will launch the iPhone in Austria in 2008, according to a statement made by Austrian T-Mobile Chief Robert Chvatal at the 2000th T-Mobile store opening (translated link). “We will be offering the iPhone next year,” Cheval said, according to reports. [via Mac Rumors]

Apple and Burst.com have signed an agreement to end a patent infringement suit dating back to April 2006.

As part of the agreement, Apple will make a one-time payment of $10 million in return for the right to use Burst’s intellectual property in its own technology and products, without further consideration, not including recent Burst patents related to DVR technology. Strangely, the announcement also clearly states that “Burst agreed not to sue Apple for any future infringement of the DVR patent and any patents that might issue from the pending DVR-related applications.”

A new “John Lennon Video Album” iTunes Digital Release card featuring 21 of the artist’s music videos will debut at Starbucks on Dec. 4 for $25.

The card can be redeemed through the iTunes Store for a collection of music videos which includes “Imagine,” “Woman,” “Happy Xmas,” “(Just Like) Starting Over,” “Nobody Told Me,” “Mind Games,” two versions of “Working Class Hero” and others, many of which are available digitally for the first time.

The song “Music is my Hot Hot Sex” by Brazilian group Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), featured in the latest iPod touch commercial, is causing confusion online. According to a Boston Herald article, users are searching for the first lyric, “music is my boyfriend,” featured in the ad, which is leading to a boost in interest for Canadian indie band Hidden Cameras and solo artist Skye Sweetnam, both of which have released songs with “Music Is My Boyfriend” as the title.