In an effort to capitalize on demand for a Beatles iPod, which has not been offered by Apple despite years of rumors, Bloomingdales is currently offering a Limited Edition Collector’s Box Beatles iPod Set. The $795 package includes a black 120GB iPod classic with the Beatles’ logo etched on the front above the Click Wheel, and Abbey Road on the back. The set also includes 13 original Beatles CDs, two Masters albums, the “Love” album, and an engraved guitar pick, all encased in a custom box designed by Psycho Bunny. The package is limited to 2500 sets.

Apple has begun adding a small “Sequence Shortened” disclaimer to its latest iPhone television ads. Jason Fried of 37signals noticed the text in the new ad “Game Changer;” Apple has previously been sued in part over what some complain were misleading advertisements for the iPhone 3G, which showed faster than real-world performance.

Smule, the developer behind Sonic Lighter, a virtual lighter application for iPhone, has released Sonic Boom, a new virtual firecracker application for iPhone and iPod touch. Sonic Boom allows users to resize both the firecracker (or TNT) and fuse length, place pictures on the firecracker, explore the exploded debris and use a time bar to slow down or speed up an explosion. In addition, owners of Sonic Lighter can use that app running on a second iPhone or iPod touch to light the fuse in Sonic Boom, and as with Sonic Lighter, explosions created with Sonic Boom are mapped and recorded, allowing others to see where and when the app is being used. Sonic Boom is available now from the App Store and sells for $1.

Mark/Space, developer of well-known synchronization software The Missing Sync, has released its new Fliq application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Fliq is a social networking application that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to send photos and contacts to one another. “Fliq offers real-time social networking between friends in close proximity,” said Brian Hall, CEO of Mark/Space. “There’s no emailing, texting or instant messaging configurations to set because Fliq is a stand-alone app that allows users to sync up to share photos and contacts with anyone else on the same Wi-Fi network.” Fliq is now available as a free download from the App Store.

Charles Starrett

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