Mix: Blu-Ray, Ballmer, Airline music, Apple stores

Business 2.0 speculates that Apple could be asking Sony and other studios to include iPod-ready versions of movies on Blu-Ray disc releases alongside the full, high-definition versions.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that the new generation of mobile phones will “outclass” today’s iPod as portable devices to play music. “Portable music is not just the iPod,” he said.

Over a third of airline passengers would download songs from iTunes if they were available in seat-back in-flight entertainment systems, a recent poll by aviation media portal FlightGlobal.com found.

Apple’s SoHo retail store in New York City had its 5 millionth customer on Tuesday. The store opened in July 2002. In related news, the grand opening of the Fifth Avenue retail store in New York City will be on May 6th at 10:00 a.m.

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