Mix: Canada, Zeppelin, T3, Popular Mechanics

A trademark dispute between Apple and Comwave Telecom over the name “iPhone” could delay the phone’s release in Canada, according to a Sympatico report. Comwave markets a line of VoIP services and products under the name iPhone. Apple previously reached an agreement with Cisco in the U.S.

to share rights to the “iPhone” name; Cisco, like Comwave, offers VoIP products under the name iPhone.

Legendary rock group Led Zeppelin has announced that they will offer their music online starting November 13, and that it will be available from “all online music retailers.” “We are pleased that the complete Led Zeppelin catalogue will now be available digitally,” said guitarist Jimmy Page. “The addition of the digital option will better enable fans to obtain their music in whichever manner they prefer.”

T3 Magazine crowned the iPod “Best Gadget of all Time” at its recent Gadget Awards ceremony.

Overall, Apple came away with six awards, including “Best Commuter Gadget” and “Best Music Gadget” for the iPod, and “Best Download Service” for iTunes.

Popular Mechanics has included the Apple iPhone as one of its “Top 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets of 2007”, joining other devices such as Samsung’s Solid State Drive, the Microsoft Surface entertainment table, and the LG Super Blu Player, which plays both Blu Ray and HD-DVD discs.