Mix: Casio, China and iTunes, 2.0.2, iPhone photos

Casio has announced two new pocket-sized digital cameras which record iTunes-compatible H.264 video. The EX-Z300 and EX-Z250 also offer 4x optical zoom lenses, 10.1 and 9.1 megapixel sensors, and will be available in October for $300 and $250, respectively. For more information on Casio’s iTunes-compatible cameras, see our review of the Casio Exilim EX-S10.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that some users attempting to access the iTunes Store from locations in China are being blocked by the country’s government-run firewall. The report suggests that the blockage may have been related to Olympic athletes downloading and listening to the pro-Tibet album Songs for Tibet, which was made available on the iTunes Store three days prior to the start of the games. However, it is against the iTunes Store’s sales policy to “use or attempt to use the iTunes Store from outside of the available territory.”

Apple did try to improve 3G performance with iPhone Software 2.0.2, according to a new report from USA Today.

Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock told the paper, “[t]he software update improves communication with 3G networks,” although some users have reported decreased reception and other problems after installing the update.

A Mac Rumors forum member has reportedly found a number of photos on his new iPhone from inside the factory in which it was made. UK-based Mark claims that one of the four pictures found on the phone was set as the background once he activated the device.