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ChangeWave has released the results of its latest smart phone survey, which focused on the likes and dislikes of iPhone and BlackBerry owners. Unsurprisingly, email access was the feature BlackBerry users liked best by an overwhelming margin, while the iPhone’s integration of phone, iPod, and web browser was listed as the best feature by its users, with the touch screen interface and ease of use running second and third, respectively. iPhone users went on to say that 3G capability was the feature they would most like to see added to the device, followed by third-party software and GPS.

Citing people familiar with the situation, a report from Spanish financial daily Cinco Dias claims that Apple plans to launch the iPhone in Latin America without carrier exclusivity, instead opting to offer the device through various companies in the same country. Thus far, Apple has chosen to sign exclusivity deals with carriers in each of the countries where the iPhone is currently offered, but has hinted it’s open to other business models that might suit its needs.

A new bootloader allowing Apple TV owners to install Linux on the machine has been released. The atv-bootloader can also boot Linux from any mass storage device, including external drives connected via USB, and the developers’ site suggests that Linux-specific drivers may permit true 1080i MPEG-2 video output, which isn’t accomplished with Apple’s own operating system. [via TUAW]

Check Point Software has announced iPhone support for its popular Check Point VPN-1 integrated firewall solution. The software enables an encrypted connection between the iPhone and VPN-1 gateway, protecting in-transit data. “With the success of the iPhone, IT departments received multiple requests to connect the new devices to the corporate network,” said Bob Egner, vice president of product management at Check Point. “The diversity of personal equipment in the work place makes the enforcement of security policies difficult. For the iPhone, Check Point created a simple configuration that provides instant, secure connectivity through VPN-1 gateways.” Check Point VPN-1 support for the iPhone is available immediately.

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