Mix: Cheap albums, AOL, Sony Ericsson, iSpam, Taylor Hicks

Apple has posted a new page on the iTunes Music Store called “Great Albums/Great Prices,” which offers a selection of albums priced at $6.99. “We’ve got a vast selection of up-and-coming artists at a great price, so you’re guaranteed to find new music you love without putting a dent in your wallet,” says Apple.

AOL has launched a revamped version of its Windows Media-based online music store, adding music videos, new subscripton options, and a library of more than 2.5 million tracks. Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson said it plans to develop its PlayNow service, currently used for downloading ringtones, into a digital music service.
SophosLabs is warning consumers of a bogus iPod email that lures users into opening a malicious attachment. The spam email claims to be a notification that an iPod has been shipped to them, and their account has been charged almost $500.

Taylor Hicks has settled a lawsuit he filed against a Nashville producer to stop selling songs on iTunes that Hicks had recorded before his American Idol victory. The singer won possession of the master recordings of the songs and agreed not to pursue further legal action.

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