Mix: Cramer, Titanium, iGadget, Survey

Jim Cramer, host of the CNBC program “Mad Money,” has named Apple one of his new “four horsemen” of the tech industry. He said the company, along with Amazon, Google, and RIM, has “taken over.”

A new solid titanium iPod nano case is being offered by Kiwami Studio. The Factron Re-nano case is priced at ¥99,750, or approx.


Purple Ghost Software has introduced its new iGadget application for PC and Mac. The app “allows you to realize the full potential of your iPod.” Features include iPod backup, and the ability to transfer to and from the iPod.

A study conducted by Solutions Research Group shows that 48% of potential iPhone purchasers do not currently own an iPod (PDF Link). In addition, the study found the average age of those interested to be 31, and the group to be overwhelmingly (72%) male.